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Mignon Johnson BACP Accredited Counsellor.

Everyone should have the opportunity of leading a happy and fulfilled life. You can feel confident and secure in your intimate relationship. But maybe right now, parts of your life are not going particularly well?

Perhaps you suffer from low moods?

The highs & lows of anxiety and depression can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming and you can benefit from some professional help to help you feel more wholesome.

Maybe you are struggling with building or maintaining relationships, and want to gain more self-confidence? Or you want to improve yourself but don’t know where to start

With Online Trauma-Informed Counselling help and support, you can learn to love yourself, unpack your self-doubt, manage your anxiety and self-regulate your mood so that you can start to live a normal and fulfilling life.

If you find yourself continually repeating abusive patterns in your relationships, please don’t be afraid to reach out and get some help with this.

You can DISCOVER LASTING EMOTIONAL FREEDOM from anxiety, fear and panic with trauma-informed counselling help and support.

With trauma-informed counselling help and support, you can learn to live a fulfilling and normal life and even thrive.

Mignon Johnson - MBACP

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression and don’t know where to start, then you have arrived in the right place.

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a psychological condition that is best characterized by excessive worrying that interferes with your ability to function normally. If your worry is intense and pervasive, lasts a long time, and occurs frequently for no apparent reason then you are likely to perceive everyday life as unmanageable.

Excessive worrying can seriously disrupt your enjoyment of life and ruin your relationships.

Don’t allow your anxiety to ruin your life.

There are many ways in which you can learn to manage your anxiety or even get rid of your symptoms altogether.

When you understand the source of your anxiety, then you can do something about it. You can learn healthy strategies for turning things around. Take control of your anxiety so that your anxiety is not managing you.

Trauma-informed counselling help and support is available…

If you are feeling stuck after experiencing a traumatic event such as sexual abuse, then you may be affected by post-traumatic stress or you may be trapped in negative emotions.

It isn’t healthy to perpetuate bad feelings about yourself. Talking to a counsellor can provide relief and an opportunity to work your way through emotional pain.

So then, you can learn to take back control of your feelings and emotions.











Mignon Johnson - MBACP

Hello! I’m Mignon.

I am a trauma-informed counsellor. More than my educational qualifications (BA Hons, Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling), my work supported by the experience of personal therapy, counselling training, supervision and continuing professional development and enables me to draw from the lived experience, knowledge and understanding and application of psychological theories that also brings considerable empathy to my counselling work.

I am a UK based counsellor. My counselling work is supported by Professional Accredited memberships to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP Accred) and the National Counselling Society (NCS Accred)

My original BACP Accredited training, Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling included a focus on Humanistic (Person-Centred therapy), Psychodynamic (Attachment theory, TA, Gestalt, Inner child work), Transpersonal (Mindfulness) and Behavioural (CBT) modalities. Since my training, I have engaged with CPD Accredited Training in Pluralistic Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Conversational Reframing, Bereavement training, NLP Practitioners Training, Outdoor Therapy, Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse Levels 1 & 2 that inform my reflexive practice.

In my current practice, I seek to engage the client in the here and now on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, combining psychodynamic and values-based, pluralistic, person-centred modalities in an integrative way, that I believe is within the client’s best interest. I also believe that the collaborative client process is central to my therapeutic work, taking the lead from the client, driven both by individual client relationships and theory.

When you work with me you can be free to express your feelings with openness and honesty, without being afraid of upsetting anyone or feeling judged for having these thoughts and feelings.

You can also overcome your adversity, move forward with pride and move closer to the life you dream about.


I have helped many people to recognise, transform and step away from unhelpful behaviour patterns.

I can help you to understand and manage post-traumatic stress so that you can enjoy deeper and more meaningful personal relationships.


Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling – Ironmill College, Exeter.

Bachelor of Art (Hons)
International Business Management (Computer Science, International Marketing, Project Management)

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


More than formal educational qualifications, some of which are irrelevant in the counselling context but nonetheless add to my wealth of work and life experiences, I am successful in helping many people to transform the pain of trauma that is rooted in the past and has continued to cause post-traumatic stress in the present.


Putting the pieces together, one bit at a time


Complex PTSD is caused by recurring thoughts about past life-threatening events that you may have experienced as a child or in your adulthood that took place repeatedly over a prolonged period.

When unresolved trauma, is triggered, this reactivates the body’s fight, flight or freeze stress responses. The result of this is emotional distress and in more extreme cases memory loss, dissociation and toxic stress.

I can help you to integrate unresolved emotions that are manifest by your traumatic past experiences.

I am listening, tell me your story.


Traumatic events like witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, physical & emotional abuse, physical attacks & sexual abuse in a relationship that causes breakdown or divorce, neglect in childhood can trigger recurring painful emotions and sensations in the form of extreme anxiety in the body, panic attacks and flashbacks – as if they are happening right now.

I can help you to create safety in a confidential space to share your story because building a healthy therapeutic bond between client and therapist is an essential part of the process.



Complex trauma can impair your ability to develop and maintain safe, healthy relationships.

Central to my therapeutic work is a strong belief in the collaborative process. I work in the here and now with any distressing thoughts and feelings you bring into each session.

I can help you to work through the helplessness and powerlessness caused by your trauma.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…


Healing from trauma is an emotional journey.

Reconnect with your mind and body, adopt better healthy coping strategies that will help you to stay calm in your body, put the trauma to rest and prepare yourself with tools to move forward with your life.

You will learn to prioritise yourself and establish healthy boundaries so that you can move forward positively, with mindful self-compassion.



The stories, all names, characters and incidents portrayed below are fictitious and meant to be indicative of the kind of problems I can help with. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Katie's Story


Read Katie’s story here…

Katie had experienced many kinds of neglect and abuse during her life. This had resulted in her feeling worthless and hopeless.

During therapy sessions, she learned new coping strategies to manage her feelings and shape her future by working through the anxiety of agoraphobia.

Therapy has enabled Katie to get around independently and feeling confident about standing up for herself. She has made new friends and has taken on somewhat of a leadership role to support a few other like-minded women with similar experiences, whom she has got to know since moving on from therapy.

Follow Katie’s journey here…

Hayley's Story


Read Hayley’s story here…

Hayley had recently left an abusive intimate relationship. This resulted in her feeling anxious, helpless and frustrated.

Throughout the relationship, she let him off the hook on the pretext of his suffering mental health. This made the situation much worse. Hayley felt guilty and responsible for her ex-partner in many ways.

Therapy helped her to see the impact of her upbringing on her beliefs, values and choices. She can now enjoy future relationships because she understands the dynamics and has learned better ways to navigate intimate relationships with renewed confidence and awareness of safer boundaries.

Follow Hayley’s journey…

Recovery from addiction


Read Sarah’s story here…

Sarah experienced multiple breakdowns and was in recovery from addiction to alcohol.

“Therapy provided the torch, that shone a light on dark inner places, holding me in complete safety while I worked hard to transform myself.”

“Counselling is a way out of and sometimes the only escape from a desperate situation. No matter how difficult, no matter how hopeless, without the right help, support, influence, it is very difficult for a vulnerable addict to fight the battle for change with and within their own mind. The poisonous mind is a powerful force to contend with by one’s self.”

Follow Sarah’s journey …


The wellbeing of the people you serve rests with you.

Counselling improves a whole range of dysfunctional and addictive behaviours, reduces long term stress, anxiety and depression.









Are you a Social Organisation or Charity whose purpose it is to support the Well-being of the people you serve?

If your organisation seeks to inspire positive change within individuals and empower positive results, what additional services do you offer your clients for emotional support?

If you work within very tight budgets and diminishing resources you probably need to keep costs as low as possible so that you can reach as many people as possible that need your help.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (c-PTSD) which is caused by long term and repeated physical, sexual and emotional abuse can be devastating for individuals at any time in a person life. When these events occur in childhood, it affects an individual’s self-esteem, ability to form healthy intimate relationships, mental capacity and capability to be economically active, to remain in work and be successful in long term employment.

Emotional trauma can destabilise and demoralise a person’s beliefs about the future via loss of hope. Complex trauma can undermine expectations about life. For instance, fear that life will end abruptly, or early, or anticipation that normal life events won’t occur, can affect access to education, ability to have a significant and committed relationship and good opportunities for work.

Additionally, destructive, often unconscious behaviour patterns underpin alcoholism, drug addictions can be responsible for provoking physical violence and domestic abuse.

When helping people is at the heart of what you do, you can understand the value and importance of people’s wellbeing. And while you are busy working to build healthier communities, enforce the law, prevent crime and civil disorder to ensure public safety, health and possessions of citizens, can collaborating with an empathic counselling service help you to improve the long-term wellbeing of families and individuals in need of targeted emotional support?

Counselling for Wellbeing is built upon the synergy of advancement through personal growth and deep insight. However, the counselling practice today is far more than the sum of all these parts.

We are working hard to forge exceptional relationships within the public & not-for-profit sectors. We aim to complement existing pastoral services with professional counselling support to help your organisation and for the mutual successful outcomes of the people that you serve by empowering and inspiring positive change, fostering long-term, sustainable transformation, helping to raise awareness and healing trauma by providing tools & strategies by the merging, adapting and integration of the most up-to-date psychological interventions.

A referral for professional therapeutic and counselling support can help you to achieve your community goals.

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