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If you are looking for change then you have come to the right place.

Change begins when you can understand how and why things are going wrong, especially in your relationships.

Adverse childhood experiences usually underlie current symptoms and behaviour. Maybe as a child, you felt belittled, abandoned, overindulged, ignored or brutalized. This might be the cause of troublesome relationship dynamics and painful communications in your adult relationships.

You probably are trying to do your best. And sometimes your best doesn’t feel good enough or you end up feeling like it’s all your fault.

Have all your attempts to fix your relationship failed?

Often, it is easier to just say ‘yes’. But the consequences of always giving in leaves you feeling ‘hard done by’ and filled with self-doubt. Denial of your feelings and always having to say ‘yes’ leaves you feeling frustrated, angry or resentful, because you’ve likely been misunderstood or not heard.

Maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds! Are you tired of working it all out on your own?

You have the power to do something about this.

The most fulfilling relationship is possible and it starts with you!


How I can help you

Trauma Counselling

Counselling, or Psychotherapy is a deeply personal individual experience with long term benefits.

A talking therapy, usually delivered by a trained practitioner, helps to bring about lasting and effective personal change, and enhance feelings of well-being.

I work with people like you, who may be experiencing stress, anxiety and depression in your relationships.

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Often difficulties in relationships can spill over into other areas of your life, thus making the rest of our lives feel unmanageable.

Therapeutic Writing

Come and discover the creative writer in you by embarking on a journey of self discovery and find out more about what makes you tick.

Sustaining Partnership Services

Are you a Social Organisation or Charity that provides Wellbeing Support?

Is part of your purpose to support people with Wellbeing at Work?

Does your organisation seek to Inspire and Empower Positive, Results-oriented Change within Individuals?

Are your aims to Achieve Sustained Personal Growth and Development in your service users?

You work within very tight budgets and diminishing resources and probably need to keep costs as low as possible so that you can reach as many people as possible that need your help.

Inspire results-oriented change for your service users

Empower people positively

Enable sustained personal growth and development

“A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”

– Katie Byron