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How my services would benefit your clients.

Are you a Social Organisation?

Is the Purpose of your business to support people?

Does your organisation seek to Inspire and Empower Positive, Results-oriented Change within Individuals?


Are your aims to Achieve Sustained Personal Growth and Development for your service users?

You work within very tight budgets and diminishing resources and probably need to keep costs as low a possible so that you can reach as many people as possible that need your help.


Can you imagine the long term benefits of healing deep rooted destructive patterns?

Most codependent behaviours originate in family structures. Counselling helps by bringing subconscious destructive patterns into conscious awareness and has the added potential of preventing these patterns from being passed down through the generations.


What can you achieve for your clients by supporting them into professional counselling?

You probably already know that Counselling helps with :

  •  Facilitating Behaviour Change
  • Improving Relationships
  • Enhancing Coping skills
  • Promoting Decision Making
  • Facilitating the client’s Potential
  • Discover how you can help to bring Long Term Positive Change to your clients with Counselling?

Your Clients can Benefit from Professional Counselling Support…


Because counselling helps to improve a whole range of emotional issues such as stress, depression and anxiety, c-PTSD, self esteem, intimate relationships, work & career issues, parenting issues just to name a few.


So how does counselling help?

Counselling is helpful because during counselling, clients are encouraged to talk about feelings and emotions in a safe, secure and confidential environment. The purpose of counselling is to help clients to integrate feelings and emotions, to discover any underlying beliefs that are restricting their emotional growth and to connect with their own resourceful self and recognize their strengths.


How does counselling work?

Counselling works because talking openly and freely to someone trustworthy, who is impartial and emotionally free of their own psychological entanglements builds positive  relationships. A well trained counsellor who can support the client without judgement or criticism, can help clients to gain a better understanding of feelings and thought processes and find their own solutions to problems.


What does it mean to be a person-centered counsellor?

Carl Rogers, who is the father of person centred counselling, hypothesizes that as therapists, there are certain core conditions which he also described as attitudinal or experiential elements necessary to establish an effective therapeutic relationship in order to promote and enable personal growth and change for the client. All of these conditions are difficult to achieve fully, but can be cultivated through experience, personal growth and increased self awareness.

How you will benefit

Here’s what you will achive…..

A problem shared

It helps to talk to a professional who is trained specifically to listen to you talk about your feelings.

Find Solace and Comfort

Talking to a counsellor provides an opportunity to discuss your problems with a stranger who will listen to you without judgement

Improve the quality of your life

I am trained to guide you through your sessions, so that you can get more from and improve your qualiity of life.

Confront your problems

Take a brave step, dedicate some time and commit yourself to facing your problems.

A different perspective

Speak your thoughts and emotions out loud to another person;  see these from a new perspective and gain new ways of thinking about your problems.

Weight off your mind

Speaking about your pent up thoughts and emotions allows you to let things out. Release pent up emotions that you’ve been bottling up for a long time.

Feel less alone with your problems

You may feel unable to share your feelings and issues with the people closest in your life. Talking to someone who is a complete stranger, who doesn’t know you and won’t judge you, can give you the freedom to talk about things you wouldn’t normally admit to your friends and family.

Cope with your life better

Offloading your emotions through counselling enables you to feel lighter, making it easier to cope with the rest of your liife.  If anything should come up, you have someone you can talk to about the iissues you’re worried about.

Greater Self-Awareness

Examining your emotions with a counsellor allows you to see yourself how others see you. The end results are hugely beneficial, offering a heightened sense of self-awareness, feeling empowered, more at peace with yourself and a boost in self-esteem & self- confidence.

Improve your physical Wellbeing

With the focus on improving the mental and emotional side of things, physiology and overall health and wellbeing improves too. Some such benefits people get as a result of counselling can be more energy, sounder sleep, and a better appetite. This often has a knock-on effect, making people more active, which can elevate feelings of positivity.

“A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”

– Katie Byron