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Therapy in Pyjamas

A life-changing therapy program.

No commuting, cameras, or dressing up needed.

Regain Control

Therapy In Pyjamas is a 12-week counselling program offering healing, independent support, and flexibility.

From the app, you’ll be able to get help for your mental health on your own time. Relax in your home and begin your journey to transform into a more confident, empowered You.

Easy, no fuss!

Anytime, anywhere.

No waiting list!

Flexible Therapy with Support

The Program

The 12-week program is designed to help you take control of your mental health, start tackling your depression, and work on making safe choices.

● Week 1: The Practice of Relaxation
● Week 2: Starting a Journal
● Week 3: Self-care
● Week 4: Understand Your Attachments
● Week 5: A Guide to Relationships
● Week 6: Understanding and Overcoming Toxic Emotions
● Week 7: Toxic Emotions
● Week 8: Gaining Self-awareness
● Week 9: Healthy Emotional Boundaries
● Week 10: Finding Forgiveness
● Week 11: Grieving Your Experience
● Week 12: Moving Forward Positively


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