Professional Online Therapy

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Online Trauma-Informed Counselling

Effective trauma-informed counselling involves long-term sessions aimed at helping you relieve stress, lower anxiety, and get rid of depression.

Every trauma counselling experience is different since every person has unique circumstances. We’ll get to the source of your mental strife and work on ways to help you manage your trauma and heal.

No wand-waving, no magic. Just proven, empathetic sessions that help you change your mindset and give you the strength to take control.

Recover From Domestic Violence
Online Counselling for stress, anxiety

Therapy In Pyjamas

Sometimes you might not be ready to share your experiences with a professional. Or maybe you would just like to start your battle with anxiety yourself.

Therapy In Pyjamas is a professionally developed 12-week course that you can complete on your phone. Lie out on the couch and work on your self-improvement journey.

The program is designed by Counselling for Well-Being and allows you to enjoy many of the benefits of online therapy, without needing to sign up for long-term sessions.

Sustaining Partnership Services

Counselling for Well-Being connects with social organisations and charities that provide general well-being support to the community.

We support organisations that seek to inspire and empower by offering online trauma-informed therapy. We’re able to collaborate with charities that otherwise have tight budgets in our aim to create a world with better emotional support.

We’ve partnered with domestic violence charities, mental health services, and more to achieve personal growth, development, and change for those who need it most.

Giving the community a helping hand…

“A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”

– Katie Byron