From Trauma To Triumph

Putting the pieces together, one bit at a time...
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Kind Words…


I feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind and soul. I am able to be present for my children, friends, family and loved ones. I am kinder to myself and recognise when I am having a down day and write it down or talk to someone or know that it will pass.


Counselling has given me a safe space to reflect and digest.


I am definitely looking at myself from a different perspective


It was very clear what I needed to achieve

How does Attachment-Focused EMDR therapy work?


Recurring negative beliefs originate from past traumatic events and cause Complex PTSD. Trauma events . Adverse childhood experiences over a prolonged period are life-threatening for a small child. Abusive relationships in adulthood also cause PTSD.

Unresolved trauma triggers emotional distress. This reactivates the body’s Fight, Flight or Freeze stress responses. Extreme symptoms include memory loss and dissociation, panic attacks and toxic stress.

I can help you to integrate unresolved, painful emotions.

I am listening, tell me your story.


Have you experienced

Domestic violence?
Child sexual abuse?
Physical & emotional abuse?
physical attacks & sexual abuse in a relationship?
Relationship breakdown or divorce?
Neglect in childhood?

These events cause emotional trauma.

Recurring painful emotions and sensations trigger anxiety in the body. Stress is manifest in the form of panic attacks and flashbacks, as if they are happening right now. Generalised anxiety disorder and Agoraphobia are consequences of long-term psychological trauma.

A healthy client and therapist working alliance is essential for healing trauma. I can help you to create safety in a confidential space.


Complex trauma can impair your ability to develop and maintain safe, healthy relationships.

Central to my therapeutic work is a strong belief in the collaborative process of attachment-focused EMDR Therapy. I work in the here and now with any distressing thoughts and feelings you bring into each session.

I can help you to work through the helplessness and powerlessness caused by your trauma.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…


Healing from trauma is an emotional journey.

Reconnect with your mind and body, adopt better healthy coping strategies that will help you to stay calm in your body, put the trauma to rest and prepare yourself with tools to move forward with your life.

You will learn to prioritise yourself and establish healthy boundaries so that you can move forward positively, with mindful self-compassion.