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By Mignon Johnson
3rd August 2020

Midlife, which for me began at around the age of 35, has been an interesting period and a deeply questioning time. You wanted your life to be so perfect but the reality is very different from how you had imagined it. You have a busy life, yet some important aspects of your life, like your marriage and intimate relationships, are presenting too many complications and you are finding this very difficult to navigate.

Understanding the specifics of exactly how you got here is a fruitful exercise and explains many things. It is also critical learning in enabling you to gain control, to choose a better way forward. You have already lived your life long enough, you have some significant life experiences behind you to make it worthy of inquiring into the past. You also have a long enough life ahead of you to invest in exploring a purposeful and potentially rewarding future.

You might already be on a path of self-discovery and you are keen to learn more about yourself. You are trying hard to make sense of your existing world and all the challenges that life has presented before you, but on your own, the answers are not coming to you so easily.

Maybe your life has reached a crisis point, things are going badly wrong, or a lot of things already haven’t gone to plan or as well as you had hoped for and you are looking for answers.

Maybe you have arrived at crossroads and find yourself needing to make some critical life-changing decisions like choosing to end a long term marriage or relationship. Maybe your marriage has ended and you are seeking a new and better way forward for yourself.

Maybe you’re simply curious about the change in the way in which you have been feeling for a while and you wish to explore how you can do things differently or make changes to the existing way in which you do things.

Some people are aware that their life could be a whole lot different, in better ways. Very few people ask themselves these questions, “How did I get here?”, “Where did I go wrong?” and “What can I do better?”.

You’ve tried a lot of different methods. Self-help and the battle with your mind can only take you so far. You haven’t found all the answers and you feel lacking in ideas about how to go about your next steps.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. I know how bewildering this can feel. I understand how events in the past inform the present. The decisions you make today inform all your decisions going forward. Don’t hesitate to undertake this important and essential self-examination.

I can help you to safely understand and face your anxiety. Anxiety is a common, natural reaction to problems & difficulties which can get in your way, preventing you from enjoying your life & achieving goals. If you are continuously in a state of worry, there might be serious anxiety-related underlying issues going on. When things get on top of you, feeling out of control & uncomfortable in your abdomen and chest, or you might experience full-blown panic attacks. Symptoms include depression, feeling very afraid, quick shallow breath, light-headed dizziness, fear of stopping breathing, heart beating wildly, tingling hands and feet.

I am a specialist trauma therapist. I can help you to safely understand and work through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Complex PTSD is caused by repeated and prolonged exposure to physical, sexual or emotional childhood trauma. Emotional abuse, domestic violence is severely damaging to your mental health. Symptoms include irritability, angry outbursts, jumpiness, flashbacks, memory loss.

I can help you to safely navigate through depression. Bad relationships, family breakdown, divorce, losing your job, moving house, loss by death, grief and bereavement also affect your low mood and few people have a perfect family. Be curious. Be free. Stop living in fear and tolerating symptoms. Contact me to help you to get rid of fear and anxiety forever.

I am a member of the BACP.

More than my qualifications, I have empathy and experience of successfully helping adults to manage stress in challenging interpersonal relationships, overcome anxiety, depression including a whole range of other emotional difficulties.

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