“Counselling helped me to consolidate my true identity”

“We are all individuals taking different journeys and along our journey, we sometimes bump into each other, we cross paths, we become altered… we take different physical forms. But at all times we too are 100% perfectly imperfect. At every given moment we are absolutely perfect for what is required for our journey.”

Steve Mariboli

My Personal Journey With Counselling

My profound journey into this wonderful profession began over 15 years ago.

The heartfelt gifts that I am called to offer you are the strength, wisdom and insight that have actualised out of the lived experience of progressive recovery from a traumatic childhood and the devastation following the end of my enduring marriage.

I’ve embraced this quest wholeheartedly, fuelled by an innate curiosity to understand; coupled with my own aspirations for a better future, that led me through a mysterious yet intimately familiar internal void and illuminated the way to deep transformation. This awesome experience has enabled me to grow into a solid and reliable professional who can align and integrate my values, ethical principles and spiritual practice into my counselling work. I am inspired by my personal therapy, counselling training, the variety of clients, my trainers and supervisors who have contributed to my continuing personal and professional development. I enjoy keeping abreast with current research especially the work of experts in the field of Childhood Trauma and c-PTSD Dr Gabor Maté, Bessel Van de Kirk, Peter Levine, Dan Seigal, Steven Porges, Martin Seligman and Brené Brown. I have revelled in following spiritual teachers of the Zen Buddhist tradition and masters of mindfulness practice Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron and gained wisdom and insight from understanding the principles of spiritual and psychological healing practices of Pranic Healing.

I am moved to pay it forward and inspire others in the same situation. I am curious about what makes people tick. I am very excited about sharing this opportunity with potential clients, to walk alongside you, to help you while you traverse your own ‘psychic archaeological dig’ with confidence and safety.”

My Mission is to share my wisdom and knowledge with as many people as I can, those who need my support so that you can grow in self-belief and confidence, be more empowered in your life and live your life to its full potential.

Mignon Johnson - MBACP

With the right support and empathic understanding from a counsellor who has themself tread this path, you can safely process any painful emotions, integrate hurt feelings from the past so that the triggers that make you feel insecure are defused and do not have the same charge. You can also be successful in healing from your past. You can also learn to trust & believe in yourself. 

My Counselling Story

I found hope and self-belief.

Before my counselling journey began, I tried to hide my real feelings because I feared disapproval or upsetting other people. It was like living behind a veil, in hiding because I was afraid that if I allowed myself to be truly heard or seen, I would be criticised, judged and rejected. I had become very good at ‘making myself disappear’, minimising my needs, afraid of speaking up for myself.

It wasn’t always easy, but I felt safe within a trusting relationship with a therapist who understood me. This meant that I could be free, to speak my truth without worrying that I was upsetting anyone. I could be honest with myself and with my counsellor. Counselling helped me to express my real feelings with someone who was outside my family and friends circle, who was the unbiased, uncritical and non-judgemental ‘other person’ so that I could unravel my pain with authenticity. This process empowered me, gave me a better sense of control over my feelings and emotions and helped me to grow stronger. I began to thrive because my self-esteem and feelings of self-worth improved. I learned to establish healthy boundaries with others and make firm, authentic decisions that are congruent with my feelings.

My Counselling Story

Counselling support is very stretched on the NHS.

With long waiting lists for counselling and psychotherapy on the NHS, it is almost impossible to get the right therapeutic and emotional support when you need it.

Although the short term IAPTS support provided by the Depression and Anxiety Service at my GP practice is free, I found that it was inadequate for my psychological needs.

First of all, I was disappointed about not having the opportunity to choose a therapist myself, who was the right fit for me. I didn’t feel any real connection with the therapist I had to see. Something important was missing. It felt clinical, more like a weekly exercise of answering questions from a ready formatted list and ticking boxes to satisfy someone else’s criteria. There was not enough time to form a trusting relationship with the therapist. I was always left feeling like ‘just another statistic’.

I have since learned that working at relational depth with a therapist or counsellor is essential for therapy to be lasting and effective in the long term.

Shortly after, I did my own independent research online and after reading all about the different types of psychological therapies and how they work, I began to appreciate the value of counselling and decided to take a chance on a psychotherapist who had a practice local to me.

And thus began my journey…


“A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”

– Katie Byron