Online Trauma-informed Counselling

Online trauma-informed EMDR therapy helps you discover lasting emotional freedom and break away from anxiety – all from the comfort of your home.

helping you through trauma, stress, anxiety

Personalised EMDR Therapy

Online Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapy helps you work through all those negative emotions that are holding you back from thriving. Whether you’re suffering from complex PTSD or you need help managing generalised stress and anxiety, together we can help you gain control of your life.

Online Counselling for stress, anxiety


Bring Out The Best in You

No matter where you are in your mental health journey, online attachment-focused EMDR therapy is the first step to understanding yourself and helping you to overcome long term stress, anxiety, and depression.

And remember – mental health support is for EVERYONE. All struggles are unique, personalised, and dependent on you. So no matter what stage of life you’re in, we’ll connect on a secure platform and figure out how to set you on the path to clarity and comfort.

Every Journey Is Different…


“I’m freer. I have a better perspective on my life. My anxiety has almost gone.”


“Mignon was very easy to talk to. If there was something I didn’t understand she had an amazing way of explaining it better.”


“I’m a happier person. I have created safe boundaries for myself that generally remain intact which also protects my children.”


“I would recommend therapy. Mignon is amazing at what she does, so understanding! My advice to anyone in my situation, please speak up, don’t suffer in silence.”


“A huge thank you and I’m so glad I’ve had counselling with Mignon. It was a great investment in myself for improving my mental health and quality of life.”


“Mignon is a very kind and considerate person. She takes the time to understand your story and is very attentive to the details. She is not afraid to phrase her point exactly how she needs to. I have every confidence that as my journey continues. I have found the confidence to unpack all that I need to.”

Therapy In Pyjamas


You can take an independent approach to reinvigorate your mental health – and still have the professional support you need.

Therapy In Pyjamas is a 12-week program designed to increase your self-awareness, empower your mindset, and establish a healthy connection to your mind and body. Relax in the comfort of your bed while completing the app’s professionally curated course.

Mignon Johnson.

MBACP Accred. NCS Accred.

Advanced Diploma Integrative Counselling.

Mignon is a professional counsellor (BACP/NCS) with a humanistic approach who is skilled at integrating attachment-focused EMDR Therapy and a range of therapeutic modalities in my work with clients. Encouraging honest discussions in a judgement-free environment, she’ll help you overcome stress, anxiety and mental difficulties, and support you in your journey to confidence, autonomy, and self-love.

Supporting The Community

Building safer communities
The well-being of all requires forging positive relationships within the community.

Counselling for Well-Being is proud to partner with exceptional public and non-profit organisations that serve the community.

If your organisation or charity needs help providing emotional support to those that need it most, contact us to learn more about our referral program.

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* All stories, names, and incidents are purely fictionalised. They are meant only to be examples of struggles I can help with.

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